VERSION 2.0.7 NFO DIZ ASC viewer for Mac OS X

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Ascension is focused on being lightweight with essential features. It's fast, native and comes with full Retina support. Grab yourself the best NFO viewer around*.

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You want it all? Check out our flagship app Escapes, where a considerably improved variant of Ascension is built-in. While Ascension is purism, Escapes is the candy.

Easy to work with


Everything you would expect. Plus auto-sizing windows, clickable hyperlinks and color schemes. Also support for fifteen DOS/Amiga encodings and a gorgeous UI. You will soon find out why so many people say it's simply the best NFO viewer for Mac.

Changes on fly

Built for OS X

As native app, it integrates perfect into your favorite operating system of choice. Full Retina support. Once you've seen ASCII art rendered in high DPI for the first time, you will never look back. No doubt. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later is required.



Stuck somewhere? You need assistance? Discovered a bug? Missing a feature? Feel free to contact us anytime. Don’t worry, support is here 24/7 and usually we respond within 24h. Maybe you just want to say “thx” or get latest news about updates.